Little Adults

I love these photographs by Anna Skladmann who has spent years photographing the children of the Russian elite. The children are pictured playing with machine guns, dressing in fur stoles and posing next to their vintage car collections. I can’t wait to see the whole collection in her upcoming book Little Adults.

Ilona and Ella on a Rowing Boat, Moscow, 2009

Lisa Inside Her Father’s Antique Store, Moscow, 2010

Eva in Her Living Room, Moscow, 2008

Antoshka as a Hussar, Moscow, 2010

Alisia in Her Mothers Fur Store, Moscow, 2009

Arina in her Garage, Moscow, 2009

Jacob Shooting at Ballerinas, Moscow, 2009

Vadim on his Roof Terrace, Moscow, 2009

Nikita and Alina at the Italian Embassy, Moscow, 2009

(Via FlavorWire)