Taryn Simon

I’m really looking forward to the Taryn Simon exhibition that opens on Wednesday at Tate Modern.

I hope that Simons large body work ‘Contraband’ will be on display, it documents items that have been confiscated by US airport or postal customs authorities, and provides an interesting look into the efforts we go to to protect and/or censor our nations.

Cigarettes & Tobacco (Abandoned Illegal Prohibited)

Nesting Dolls (Counterfeit)

Erectile Disfunction Medication Cialis & Viagra (counterfeit)

Another cynical and haunting body of work ‘The Innocents’ sees Simon document a series of individuals who served time in prison after being wrongly accused of serious crimes. She photographs them in significant locations, often that of their supposed crime.

Charles Irvin Fain

Scene of the crime, the snake River, Melba, Idaho
Served 18 years of a death sentence for Kidnapping, Rape and murder, 2002

Ronald Jones

Scene of arrest, South Side, Chicago, Illinois
Served 8 years of a death sentence for Rape and Murder, 2002

Larry Youngblood

Alibi location, Tucson, Arizona
With Alice Laitner, Youngblood’s girlfriend and alibi witness at trial
Served 8 years of a 10.5 year sentence for Sexual Assault, Kidnapping and Child Molestation, 2002

Jeffrey Pierce

Lake Huron, Port Huron, Michigan
Served 15 years of a 65-year sentence for Rape and Robbery, 2002

Simons exhibition ‘The Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I-XVIII’ opens at Tate Modern on Wednesday 25th May until 6th November, before travelling to Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie.

All images copyright of Taryn Simon