British Art show 7

Recently I’ve been doing the rounds of exhibitions in London, one of the best big shows I’ve seen recently is the British Art Show. The exhibition starts with the surreal narrative drawings by Charles Avery depicting an imaginary island, these sit next to a vitrine containing a model of the hunter and a one armed snake – the anthropological display suggests that the island and it’s characters aren’t imaginary, but real people from another time, place or universe.

Photo by Pablo Leon De La Barra

Following on from Avery’s island is Wolfgang Tilmans  ‘Truth Study Centre’,  a table top installation consisting of collected newspaper clippings, photocopied objects and snippets of text. The eclectic collection of information explores notions of recording, collating and interpreting information.

© Wolfgang Tillmans. Photo: Benoit Pailley. Courtesy New Museum.

Continuing on the theme of ordering, classifying and displaying information was Elizabeth Price’s ‘User Group Disco’. This was probably may favorite piece in the whole exhibition, the short film depicts various kitchen utensils and tools, these images are layered over with quotes from corporate power points and other texts.

Photo from Frieze