Cerith Wyn Evans


Richard Hamilton at Tate Britain


There is no X in espresso

I saw this poster on a design blog several months ago and I was reminded of it the other day during an after dinner conversation with my fiance when our waitress pronounced espresso with an… Continue reading


I’ve just stumbled across a lovely Tumblr – Colorgram. Check it out for simple paper, collage and colour inspiration.

Little Adults

I love these photographs by Anna Skladmann who has spent years photographing the children of the Russian elite. The children are pictured playing with machine guns, dressing in fur stoles and posing next… Continue reading


PlayPlax was a favorite childhood toy of mine and now it’s back. Designed by an art student in the late 1960s, PlayPlax is a simple construction toy that beats others with its clean modernist aesthetic.… Continue reading

Helena Bonham Carter & Marc Jacobs

Helena Bonham Carter is looking very Vivienne Westwood modelling for Marc Jacobs latest campaign.  

Lemon Macarons

I’ve been testing out macaron recipes, I’m thinking about baking them as an alternative to a wedding cake. Pistachio macarons are a tried and tested favorite of mine (recipe here) but other varieties… Continue reading

Paper Cutting

Check out this lovely new book featuring my vert talented friend Emily Hograth!

Warm Pear, Beetroot and Feta Salad

I recently went for dinner at The Elk In The Woods on Camden Passage, London, and I had a delicious feta salad – it was so good I had to try and recreate… Continue reading